Paspaley – quest for world’s rarest and most valuable pearls

January 21, 2017

As pearling pioneers, Paspaley has dedicated over 80 years to the perfect pearl.

Behind the beauty of a Paspaley Australian South Sea pearl is an adventure that began in 1935 when Nicholas Paspaley, MBE, first collected mother-of-pearl shell in Australia’s northern waters. The family business he founded has evolved to become the world’s leading South Sea pearling company.

Today, Paspaley nurtures its pearls on a remote network of farms stretching more than 2,500 km across the north-west coast of Australia. With its sophisticated fleet of purpose built pearling ships, Paspaley is one of the few companies to still dive for wild pearl oysters. Paspaley’s innovative techniques have been widely acknowledged as world’s best practice, positioning the name at the forefront of the pearling industry.

Paspaley designers create Signature Collections and bespoke pieces that are wearable, versatile and beautiful – the gem of substance for the modern woman.

Paspaley inspires women all over the world with not only their pearls, which have an exceptional colour and lustre, but also contemporary designs and innovative craftsmanship. The versatility of the designs allows women to personalise their look for any occasion.

We would like to thank Christine Salter for hosting our 2016 Christmas Party with our corporate partner Capital Land Group at their flagship store located at No 2 Martin Place, Sydney.

Christine is Paspaley’s Creative Director and third generation Paspaley family member.  She collaborates with some of the world’s most accomplished designers; as well Paspaley’s own artisan jewellers to create contemporary pieces that will be worn and treasured for generations.

In attendance at the cocktail party were Chinese investors both from Australia and Beijing with special guest, Mr Black, China’s most celebrated Stylist.

Mr Black is a fashion icon and stylist for China’s most famous celebrities.  He was the Chief Stylist for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.  Mr Black owns salons and styling school in Beijing and is the host of a Chinese TV fashion show.

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Written by Justine Cummins, Paspaley and Luxuria Lifestyle Australia team



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