Dubai Based Aviation Group brings in more diversity with a brand-new Bombardier Global 6000 business jet

June 25, 2018


How nice would it be if business trips were as luxurious and fun as they appear to be in movies?

In reality, even C-suite employees find having to take commercial flights frequently for work a pain in the neck. And it does not matter if you are travelling on business class. Commercial flights are often time consuming, expensive, physically and mentally draining. And it doesn’t help if your schedule is packed with back-to-back meetings in different parts of the world!

For over a decade, Dubai based Emprire Aviation Group (EAG) has worked hard to ensure that carve out a niche for themselves by taking their travel experience to the next level whether it is through innovative customer experiences or by adding brand new aircrafts to their fleet. With the recent induction of a brand-new Bombardier Global 6000 (G6000) business jet into the company’s extensive managed fleet of aircraft in which EAG was involved in the entire acquisition and delivery process on behalf of the owner, this Dubai based company has done exactly that. The Global 6000 will be the third of this aircraft type to join EAG’s diverse fleet of over 20 aircraft.  In addition to managing and operating the new business jet for the owner’s private use, EAG will also offer the aircraft to the global charter market.

The Bombardier Global 6000 has excellent long-haul capabilities, with a flight range of 6,000nm (nautical miles). It comfortably accommodates up to 13 in plush seating, has a well-equipped galley, plus a private stateroom. For onboard entertainment, the aircraft is fitted with the latest technology which includes wi-fi connectivity. The Ka-band (the fastest in-flight internet connectivity worldwide*) will ensure that wherever you travel, you can always stay connected.

An excellent addition to EAG’s managed fleet, the G6000 has a combination of long range and high-speed capabilities, cabin design and passenger comforts to offer a luxurious and convenient journey for passengers. The flight deck is equally impressive and, as per Paras P. Dhamecha, Managing Director EAG and a certified G6000 pilot, he can personally testify to the control and performance qualities of the aircraft and that it will be a very popular addition to our fleet and for global charter clients.”

Since launching in Dubai in 2007, Empire Aviation Group has developed into a global player with operations in the leading private aviation regions, including the USA, Europe, India, Africa and Hong Kong, in addition to the Middle East. Today, Empire Aviation Group is one of the leading private aviation companies in the Middle East with one of the region’s largest managed fleets of business jets and more than 20 aircraft under management. EAG now holds AOCs in the UAE and San Marino.

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